Sela is a leading training & learning center more than 30 years

including many programs in:

    • Software development
    • Software testing
    • cyber courses
    • and other technology based courses.

Our lecturers are hands on consultants working in the industry, most of them at Sela’s software house, with up-to-date experience and knowledge.

Popular Courses:


    1. java programming – LINK 
    2. Java Extreme 
    3. Spring – LINK 

for more java courses (Heb) – LINK

more info at


    1. AWS technical essentials – LINK
    2. Architecting with AWS – LINK

for more AWS courses – LINK


    1. Google cloud core infrastructure – LINK 
    2. Architecting with Google compute engine – LINK 

for more Google cloud courses  LINK

Big Data:

    1. Big data and analytics with Microsoft Azure – for more azure courses put link to azure courses at sela – LINK
    2. Redis – LINK 
    3. Kafka 

for more Big Data courses – LINK