Emanuel Cohen-Yashar

Manu Cohen-Yashar 

Manu Cohen-Yashar is an international expert in application security and distributed systems.
Currently consulting to various enterprises worldwide, architecting SOA based secure reliable and scalable solutions.
As an experienced and acknowledged architect Mr Cohen-Yashar was hosted by Ron Jacobs in an ARCast show and spoke about interoperability issues in the WCF age.
Mr Cohen-Yashar is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and
trained thousands of IT professionals worldwide.
Mr Cohen-Yashar is the founder of an interoperability group in cooperation with Microsoft Israel in which distributed system experts meet and discuss interoperability issues. http://www.interopmatters.com/
A wanted speaker in international conventions, Mr Cohen-Yashar lectures on distributed system technologies, with specialization on WCF In which he is considered one of the top experts in Israel.

Mr Cohen-Yashar is currently spending much of his time bringing application security into the development cycle of major software companies  (Amdocs, Comverse, Elbit, IEI , The Israeli defense System…)

Mr Cohen-Yashar is giving consulting services on security technologies and methodologies (SDL etc)
Mr Cohen-Yashar is known as one of the top distributed system architects in Israel. As such he offers lectures and workshops for architects who want to specialize in SOA, and leads the architecture process of many distributed projects. 

Mr Cohen-Yashar wrote the secure development standard for a major bank in Israel (Leumi)
You can read about application security in his blog: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/applisec/

Mr Cohen-Yashar is the founder and CTO of Applisec founded at 2005 http://www.applisec.com a company that specializes on assisting large enterprises implement secure development methodologies and technologies.
The need for better security is unquestionable but companies found it much too expensive. Bringing application security to the design phase is the only way to implement desirable secure system in a reasonable budget. This is a huge management and technological challenge.
Applisec was founded to help companies overcome that barrier and today many Israeli companies uses it services (Amdocs, Interwise, Elbit, IEC israel electric corp, IDF)

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