Public or On-site Delivery

On-site or PublicSELA Software Labs offers both public and on-site training delivery options.

Benefits of our scheduled public courses
The removal of participants from the distraction of their day-to-day business
A convenient way to train one or two team members from your organization
Regularly scheduled times

Benefits of our in-house course delivery

  • Customization - you can choose to have the course content modified to achieve specific learning objectives.
  • Timing flexibility - training can be delivered just prior to project kick-off.
  • Privacy - the team has the privacy to discuss daily problems and sensitive, company specific-issues.
  • Localization - Access to an organization's particular development environment
  • Reduced travel time - eliminate travel time to our training center
  • Cost savings - If the number of participants is greater than 8, choosing in-house delivery is more cost effective.

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